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Founded in 2018 for the purpose of providing comprehensive Finance Information Systems to companies and institutes in the GCC, MENA region and, in the future, to the whole world.

We, as catalyst, specialize in Islamic Financing software, Micro Finance software and Lease Financing software. We also provide other software solutions including ERP systems, Real Estate systems and Manpower systems.

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From Idea to Implementation!

Professional and skilled team!

The Digital Statement!

We strive to delight YOU!

Pillars of Catalyst
We know the language of business



  • SaaS
  • Global
  • User Defined
  • Responsive
  • Automated database backup



  • Can be accessed from anywhere at anytime
  • Multilingual
  • High security access
  • Made for you!

Points to Ponder


  • Islamic Provisions
  • Integration of systems
  • Leading solutions

New Catalyst


Catalyst is created to deliver innovative software solutions to meet the needs of the Finance industry. In addition, solutions are all web-based, which improve the way companies can utilize the solutions benefiting from the power of the web and making their processes easier, more accurate and faster.

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Integrating technologies


One of the key acting pillars for Catalyst is the ability of integrating all the software solutions with any other solution despite if it is created by CATALYST or by another supplier in addition to the ability of tailoring a the solution to fit the client’s organizational size. As also, a mobile application version can be created for the software solutions.

Creative Effects


  • Integration with existing databases and systems.
  • Connected directly to a cloud server.
  • Enhance user experience.

What Our Clients Say About Us

"Catalyst Solution has bring a complete integration to our work"
Islamic Finance House
"Catalyst Solution has bring a complete integration to our work" Islamic Finance House

Our Clients

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