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Catalyst; Software for Finance.

Headquartered in Amman, Jordan, the Islamic Finance software is Catalyst’s core product, along with the Leasing Finance and Micro Finance software solutions, that are developed to meet the needs of our clients through leveraging their operations. This provides value to our clients by linking IFS theory with practice and ensuring they receive excellent service in an excellent manner.

A significant number of pioneers in the banking and finance sector in the MENA region adopted, recently, the Islamic provisions when providing their banking or financial services. They intend to foster the Islamic provisions in their business operations and deal with customers accordingly. Hence, a need for programs and software modules that serve these organizations has evolved. Accordingly, Catalyst was founded to deliver products, Financial software solutions, that leverage their clients’ overall operations.

Today, with the increasing number of Islamic Institutions (Banks, and Finance) and the increase of Islamic population in the whole world, CATALYST can be recognized as one of the top most promising and remarkable Islamic Finance systems providers.

The power of CATALYST lies in the combination of well-versed team members in software solutions sales, development, delivery and support with more than 15 years collective experience in the information technology field.

CATALYST software solutions have the ability to adapt to the different rules and regulations of the different countries in the region making it easy for local and regional companies to run their IFIS functions from a centralized place as a shared services hub and utilizing mobile apps.

Considering that we specialize in Financial software solutions (Islamic Finance, Lease Financing and Micro Finance software solutions), we also provide other operational software solutions; ERP, Real Estate and Manpower systems.

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Catalyst is one of the first companies in the region to integrate Islamic finance services with information technology. Established in 2018 as a limited liability company. Amman, Jordan.

To create superior everyday operations for Finance companies in the MENA region.

We strive to delight our clients by delivering Financial Software solutions that become fundamental to leverage their business operations.

What Our Clients Say About Us

"Catalyst Solution has bring a complete integration to our work"
Islamic Finance House
"Catalyst Solution has bring a complete integration to our work" Islamic Finance House